November 6, 2021

Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts provide a useful platform for lifting items in factories, construction sites, and even offices. These lifts move vertically by applying pressure on the outside set of supports. In this case, the exertion of force elongates the crisscross pattern and extends it upwards. In most cases, scissor lifts lift heavy items, including cement, pipes, blocks, and even workers, to elevated heights. Most importantly, scissor lifts increase productivity and minimize the fatigue of laborers. However, not all organizations can afford to buy this equipment. Therefore, you might opt to look for affordable scissor lift rentals near you. This guide provides Everything about Scissor Lift Rentals for people who might be interested in this equipment.

Hydraulic scissor lifts

They are lifts which you can use both outdoors and indoors. They are powered by hydraulic systems, either motor/engine or hand-operated compressed air. Therefore, these lifts work when liquid is pushed from one cylinder to another. Oil is the liquid that is normally used to move the lift up and down. This hydraulic lift is easy to operate, meaning it does not require special training. Unfortunately, hydraulic lifts are not best for areas with cold or extreme weather. That is because oil tends to become viscous when exposed to lower temperatures. Admittedly, decreased fluidity makes the equipment become slower and more challenging to operate. However, manufacturers have addressed this issue in the latest models of hydraulic scissor lifts, and it can be the best option when undertaking projects in moderate temperatures and where the users are not concerned about speed and power.

Diesel scissor lifts

These affordable scissor lift rentals are fueled by traditional diesel and are commonly used in most construction sites. It has a cross-braced design that enables it to extend up to the height of 30 feet, but other models can extend up to 60 feet. Diesel scissor lifts tend to emit fumes and are noise, therefore restricted for indoor use. These lifts are suited for exterior construction work with the best ventilation where noise cannot cause a disturbance. Apart from that, they have good tilting capacity and grade ability. That assists users with the most difficult tasks and offers maximum stability. There are signature cross-braced systems that enable them to reach a height of 30ft, but other diesel models can extend up to 60 ft.

Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts are among the most affordable scissor lift rentals, which work on a silent power-driven mechanism. Interestingly, these lifts do not produce noise or emit dangerous fumes to the environment. That makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. If you are working indoors with inadequate ventilation, the electric scissor lifts might be ideal for you. However, these lifts lack an arm, and they have a broad platform supported by a cross-brace.  It can do a vertical movement (up and down) and is less bulky than diesel lifts, making them ideal for small cars. The lifts also need placement beneath your working area. In most cases, electric scissor lifts are used for cleaning, cladding installation, window installation, and exterior building repair.

Pneumatic scissor lifts

This kind of scissor lift works on a pneumatic mechanism. That means the lift moves through air pressure. The use of air to undertake the desired movement in these lifts makes them easy to operate and hassle-free compared to other scissor lifts used in the construction area. Fortunately, they do not emit any harmful fumes or make noise. In other words, the lift operates by compressing and vacuuming the atmospheric air. It is also one of the most lifts which are easy to maintain, clean and eco-friendly. These lifts are ideal for warehouses, painted stations, and food-processing plants.

Rough terrain scissor lift

This type of affordable scissor lift rental is exclusively designed to be used for outdoor activities. They have a high weight lift capacity, making them ideal for lifting items such as heavy-duty tires. Apart from that, these lifts are equipped with safety mechanisms, including fall restraints and arrestors. They also feature increased power and the ability to amplify productivity to undertake demanding outdoor tasks. It has internal combustion engines powered by liquid propane, diesel, and gas. Rough terrain lifts are suitable for uneven and sloppy surfaces and construction projects in extreme areas. They function as an electric lift but have more stable tires to handle rugged and rough outdoor surfaces. Further, they have to lift heavy weights to a height of 50ft.

Scissor lifts are the ideal machinery for infrastructure firms and construction sites to carry out their activities conveniently. They minimize the workload by lifting directly and weights directly to the desired height. Apart from a few cons, such as less tilt ability and inflexibility, scissor lifts are suitable in making lifting work easier for people who might want to rent them.