October 3, 2021

Tips For Renting the right Generator

Generators come in different types and sizes. Some are suitable for powering homes, others for construction sites. Have an idea of what kind of generator you need; before calling a generator rental company. It will not only help you rent the best generator but save you time as well.

Why a generator rental service matter

Today it's nearly impossible to run a business without using power. Most of the tools and equipment that companies use, all cannot function without power. 

Once there is a power cut in your area, everything will grind to a halt. Your employees won't be able to do anything, while you have to pay them for those hours they spend idling. 

Generator rental allows you to back up your power, and keep the lights on when something wrong happens. A good generator rental company like this one offers a wide variety of generators. There are other tools you can rent as well.

Facts about generator rentals:

  • Renting a generator saves you money and time.
  • It allows you to complete seasonal, temporary, or specialized projects faster.
  • It provides you with the perfect support when you need it.

Why renting a generator is better than buying

Buying: When you buy a generator you are responsible for paying for the maintenance of it. It requires a great deal of money to service it or insure it. It might also burden your team with more responsibilities. 

Renting: On the other hand, when you rent a generator, you are no longer responsible for insurance and maintenance costs. You will get access to a generator when you need it, at the amount that you can afford. If you want to have it transported somewhere, for instance, a generator rental company will come to pick it up. Those are three factors to consider when renting a generator.

Use one of these tips to rent a generator: 

1. Know what you need a generator for - The first thing you need to establish before calling a generator rental company is the amount of power you will need from a generator.

Use the following questions as a guideline: 

  •  How many tools am I going to use?
  • How often will we use the tools?
  •  For how many days will we use generator power?
  • What's our budget for renting out a generator?
  • How many employees will need generator power?

2. The wattage- Each generator has a different wattage, which is the amount of electricity you need to start the device running. Ask yourself this:

  • What should be the acceptable wattage of a generator that we want to rent? For instance, smaller portable generators tend to generate a lower wattage, whereas large generators have high wattage.

3. Do a background check - Before calling a company to rent a generator, it's advisable to do a background check on them. Find out how long they have been in business and what's their overall customer service. Read their online customer reviews, and ask around. After all, it is always a good idea to rent a generator from a reputable generator rental company. 

4. Go through the rental agreement - Before signing on the dotted line, always make sure you read the contract thoroughly. If there are specific clauses you are unsure about, send the deal to your legal team to check it out.  

5. Make sure you test your generator: Before receiving a generator, ensure that it is in working condition. It will save you time and money. Depending on which company you rent with, some rental companies may later require that you pay them damaging fees.

6. Check the service book of the generator: Before accepting the generator, ask to see the service journal of the generator. Did the generator rental company replace filters, fluids, and connections? If so, when was the last time the generator had full service?

7. Ask about transportation costs: Sometimes, the generator rental fees exclude delivery and collection costs. Find out who will be responsible for paying transportation costs. If you are paying, find out how much. It will help you to weigh your options well.

Get the best generator rental service.

If you need a world-class generator rental service, consider the above factors when renting a generator. Whether you want to get occasional or perpetual access to a generator rental, you need to work with a company you trust.  

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