December 30, 2021

Renting a Skid Steer Rock Bucket Attachment

Many construction workers have a specific problem, they need to remove debris and rocks from a targeted site without disturbing the soil. Nobody wants a lot torn apart due to the need for removing a few hefty rocks. That is like fishing with dynamite! That means a heavy and awkwardly-shaped rock bucket attachment is out of the question for this job type. Instead, knowing to use a skid steer rock bucket attachment for this type of work can be invaluable.

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What is a Skid Steer Rock Bucket Attachment?

Skid steer rock buckets come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the necessary job. A skid steer attachment looks like two claws that come together to pick up large objects while smaller items fall to the ground.

Before knowing when to use a skid steer rock bucket attachment it is critical to understand the following basic features:

Constructed with Robust Materials

Built with tough high-grade steel, skid steer rock buckets boast enough tensile strength to support the heaviest structural projects.

Contoured Design

Skid steer rock buckets are designed with a unique contour to hold heavy materials, rocks, and other debris in place while transporting it off the lot. While the bucket holds large materials, it is designed to sift smaller particles for streamlined handling.

Extra Support Tube

Between the tines on the bucket sits an extra support tube, which greatly increases the strength of the unit. In addition to supplying strength when picking up heavy materials, the tube also improves stability.

Perfectly-Spaced Times

All rock bucks have specific tine spacing which secures bulky items while sifting the debris to the ground. This makes the entire material transportation process easier and more efficient.

How to Know When to Use a Skid Steer Rock Bucket Attachment

There are many tasks on construction jobs that need a skid steer rock bucket attachment, including:


When moving sizable items without disrupting the soil, a skid steer rock bucket can ensure a clean finish across an entire construction preparation area.

Land Clearing

As mentioned, skid steer rock buckets are best used for clearing massive rocks from sand and dirt to prepare a construction site or just for regular maintenance, especially after a storm.

Material Handling

Rock buckets can also transport dense materials like wood that don’t need a sifter through the attachment but are too heavy to move by hand.


Farmers often use skid steer rock buckets to till soil for planting. Given that they have a more precise and delicate touch, this equipment can help in the tilling process.

How to Choose the Best Skid Steer Rock Bucket

When learning when to use a skid steer rock bucket attachment, you must first understand how to find the best option to meet your needs. Here are the factors of the job:


Different attachment availability can boost the versatility of your unit to make your life a lot easier. However, not all attachments are compatible with all skid steers. For instance, some attachments require a specific amount of power that only certain skid steers can deliver. Therefore, identify the attachments that will improve your efficiency.


Different attachments have different control options that range from lever and pedals to joysticks, which require less force and more precision. However, if you prefer the older lever and pedal technology then you want to look at units that still utilize this option to ensure you can efficiently complete future jobs.

Lift Assessment

Skid steers feature radial or vertical lifts, each boasting different pros, and cons. A vertical lift allows you to easily access difficult and high spaces. If you work closer to the ground, then a radial lift will be the best choice.


Skid steer attachments are available in a variety of sizes from compact to heavy equipment. Varied sizes are beneficial for different job sites and types with varying dimensions. Consider the size of your job site including the dimensions, amount of open space, and obstacles that need to be cleared.

Finding the best options when renting a skid steer rock bucket attachment is no easy task. You want to ensure you rent the correct equipment for the job without under or overcompensating, both of which are inefficient. The earlier tips should help you better understand the intricacies of when to use a skid steer rock bucket attachment and how to identify the best equipment for your needs