October 3, 2021

Mini excavator rentals

Are you a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to outdoor projects on your property? Then renting a mini excavator can be the key that unlocks your work potential!  These little machines can do so much within the scope of a project and having the use of one can expedite your completion times greatly.  There is a process to procure the use of one of these workhorses, you can’t just waltz into your local Lowe’s and get one. The best way to get one of these is to rent one and the best place for mini excavator rental is an equipment rental business which specializes in small machine rental.

The Research Process

How to rent mini excavator?  You’re probably wondering?  It’s actually quite simple to do so and very similar to renting a normal car from the airport.  You visit your equipment rental place that has the unit that you’d like, and you do your homework on the model that you’re seeking.  Seek out a model or manufacturer that has a good track record of dependability and that has the qualities that you’re looking for such as different attachments that you would need for your project.  Some people would just need the shovel attachment to do some deep digging in the backyard, others would need an auger to break something up within a pipeline, everyone’s situation is unique to them.

While you’re researching the mini excavator, you can also do some research on the equipment rental business themselves.  What kind of ratings do they have on Yelp?  Google Ratings?  Etc.  Look around to read some comments from customers on how they were treated during the rental process.  Also read up on warranty information, rental contracts, what kind of condition is the mini excavator in?  What’s expected of you when you bring the excavator back?  Can they deliver it to your home, or would you have to provide your own transportation?  These are all pertinent questions to ask during the research process.

The best place for mini excavator rental is a business that has good reviews online and has good word of mouth among customers and employees alike.  These are all good starting points within the rental process to take that next step and start the actual rental process of getting the excavator!

Rental Process

It’s a good idea to have a good ballpark figure of how much you can afford to spend for rental of the machine.  Would you need the machine for just a weekend project?  Or would you need the machine for a longer period of time, such as a month or two?  Keep these figures in mind when talking with the rental agent about your upcoming rental.  Now that you’ve selected a machine and know how much you can afford, you can narrow down the timeline that you’ll need the machine for.

If you have to provide the transportation, make sure that the combined weight of the machine (small flatbed trailers work best here) and your truck does not surpass 10,000 pounds GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight.  If the machine doesn't pass this test, then it’s a good idea to have professional transportation (i.e. a CDL licensed driver with a box truck or semi truck) pick up the mini excavator and deliver it to your work project destination.

If the equipment rental business provides the delivery and pickup of the mini excavator, then it’s a good idea to provide them with detailed instructions as to where the machine will precisely go once they’re at the worksite.  It will fall on you to schedule the delivery and pickup of the unit, so make sure that these events don’t interrupt your workday or work schedule.

Take Pictures and Documentation Upon Delivery & Release Of The Unit

At the point of acquisition (whether you pick it up from the rental place or they deliver it to you) take pictures of all sides of the unit.  Most digital pictures these days are geo-tagged, meaning that they’ll have GPS and date/time information already logged with every single picture you take.  You can also go old-school and pose with a newspaper showing the actual date next to each photo to visually document the date and time in addition to geo-tagging.

These pictures will show how the unit arrived or was picked up, as is. This way, the business can’t accuse you of any damage that you didn’t cause the machine as you have the documentation that shows when you picked the machine up and what condition it was in and how it was delivered back to the rental business as you would do the same picture taking at the point of releasing the unit back to the rental business.


If you’re in need of a machine for your local home project, the Best place for mini excavator rental is Idaho Equipment Rentals.  Contact them today to learn more about mini excavators and how they can help your home projects immensely!