January 12, 2022

How Beneficial is a Dump Trailer in Road Construction

Before getting into how beneficial using a dump trailer for road construction is, let's first take a look at what exactly a dump trailer does.

Essentially, a dump trailer does exactly what you think it would do based solely on the name alone.  The great thing about various equipment used for construction is that their names and functions are far from complicated.  A truck is meant for hauling.  A dump truck is a truck that hauls and, eventually, dumps whatever it's hauling.

Yeah, it sounds a bit overly simplified but, again, there's no reason to make this complex.  So, for a dump trailer, you pretty much know it's going to dump something.  And since it's a trailer, you know it's going to be towed, or trailed, usually behind a work truck.

But what makes a dump trailer so beneficial to road construction?  Let's take a closer look.

A Dump Trailer Doesn't Care What Type of Road is being Built

A dump trailer's design helps immensely in all manner of road construction.  Simply, the trailer serves most hauling needs, whether it's transporting raw materials to a work site or debris away from a work site or both.  The point is, it's designed to move and unload heavy loads with efficiency while minimizing difficulty.

When it comes to road construction, you may be dealing with materials ranging from dirt to gravel to asphalt.  Whatever is used, a dump trailer gets the bulk material on site, unloaded, and is ready for more work as required.

Again, the importance of a dump trailer is transporting, offloading, and then more transporting and offloading.

Different Types of Dump Trailer

When it comes to choosing the type of dump trailer you want to use, you need to consider the variety out there, the form and function of each type, and the location of the work.

For dump trailers, there are basically three main types.  Those types are the end dump trailer, side dump trailer, and belly dump trailer.

End Dump Trailer

End dump trailers, well, dump from the end like a typical dump truck.  They're ideal for heavy loads, like concrete or gravel or debris, and can unload quickly.  They're also good for working in tight spaces, like a road with ditches close to the sides, or alleyways.  The major drawback for end dump trailers is stability.  The heavier the load, the more unstable it can become.

Side Dump Trailer

Side dump trailers dump from their side.  Surprised, right?  Anyway, a side dump trailer can't transport heavy loads like end dump trailers.  However, they are more stable because of the lighter loads and perform better on uneven ground.  They also can offload rapidly.  That being said, if a job site isn't configured for a side dump trailer, or the site is in a confined space, the side dump trailer may not be a good option.

Belly Dump Trailer

A belly dump, or bottom dump, trailer does exactly like its name implies; it releases its material from the bottom of the trailer.  This allows easier control of the release of the load as well as being able to unload in lines rather than into piles.  This is good if the road has already been planned out and the material can be spread out while unloading, minimizing the need to haul it from a pile and spread it out with another piece of equipment.

Like the side dump trailer, a belly dump trailer can't haul big heavy loads like an end dump trailer.  They're highly stable but loads should be restricted to finer materials and the axles need to have good clearance for dumping.

Renting a Dump Trailer

All three types come in different sizes, based on the, well, size of the job.  A driveway or private road project won't require the same size trailer as an interstate on-ramp.  The good thing is, most construction equipment companies that are in the business of renting a dump trailer will often have different sizes to choose from.

Another good thing is, it shouldn't be too hard to find a place that rents dump trailers.  However, having a good idea of the size of the job and the amount of material needed will make renting a dump trailer a lot easier when the decision has to be made.