December 30, 2021

Car Carrier Transport Trailers

91.3% of U.S. households have one or more cars in their driveway, garage, parking garage, or on-street parking. This is clear that Americans are highly reliant on vehicles, which means wherever you are headed, you’re likely bringing your vehicle. If you are relocating, finding the best vehicle trailer for rent may be the most cost-effective and efficient option.

However, before you rent a vehicle trailer, it is important to understand what characteristics to look for so the trailer meets your needs and budget. Keep reading to learn more!

Trailer Types

Selecting a good trailer to ship your car is a critical task. To find the best option, you must learn about the two trailer types: open trailer and enclosed.

Open Trailer

An open trailer is the most popular, cost-effective, and available option. Many companies allow you to rent an open trailer. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of the unit, this option is much more fuel-efficient. Also, given that the open trailer is readily available, there are many more transport options allowing you to book a preferred shipping time and date with more flexibility than with an enclosed trailer. On the other hand, an open trailer is subjected to the environment. That means, your automobile doesn’t have any protection against severe weather conditions or debris. Also, if you are transporting an expensive vehicle, there is less protection and security against car theft.

Enclosed Trailer

While enclosed shipping could be the best option for valuable vehicles, it can be an expensive endeavor and takes much longer to transport compared to open shipping. One of the greatest benefits is the extra protection and security offered during transport due to the enclosure. Another excellent advantage is the enclosure removes the potential for damage resulting from harsh weather or road debris. On the other side, an enclosed trailer costs almost twice as much as open car shipping. Also, due to the extra weight from the enclosure, they are much less fuel-efficient than their open trailer counterparts. Furthermore, the extra weight could cause the transportation to take longer.

Transportation Requirements

Within the two trailer types, open or enclosed, there are specific trailers required for different transportation requirements, including:

Single Vehicle Hotshot Trailers

Single vehicle hotshot trailers are commonly open carriers, but also exist as enclosed, attached to a dually truck to pull the trailer that hauls a single-vehicle. This trailer type is mostly used for a short distance but can be used for longer distances if an automobile is urgently needed elsewhere. It is important to understand that flatbed tow trucks are different from single car carriers since tow trucks don’t pull a trailer, they are attached to a hydraulic bed.

Single-Level Multi-Car Trailers

When you need to haul more than one vehicle, single-level multi-vehicle trailers can lug between two and six vehicles. These can also be hauled by a dually truck or a larger single deck trailer. While this trailer type is larger than a hotshot, it could be small enough to navigate through narrow city streets.

Multi-Level, Multi-Vehicle Trailers

The multi-level, multi-vehicle trailers are the standard car shipping trailer for long distances. While you wouldn’t want to rent this for a single car, it is important to understand the difference when looking at various units.

Cost is another Factor to Consider:

Cost is always a driving factor when finding the best vehicle trailer for rent. The main influences of cost include:


The distance you are relocating the automobile will dictate the trailer type required. Shorter distance trailers will be less expensive than long-distance trailers.

Number of Cars

Transporting a single car will require a specific trailer that is much cheaper than moving multiple cars any distance.

Size and Car Type

Large automobiles will require specialized trailers to ensure they fit and can be transported safely.

Transportation Type

As mentioned, an enclosed car carrier will be significantly more expensive than an open trailer. However, this may be required for more valuable cars or to protect your vehicle.

When looking for the best vehicle trailer for rent, remember that cost should not be your only decision. All the factors listed above must be part of your assessment. By using these tips for finding the best vehicle trailer for rent, you will be better informed to make a decision!