October 3, 2021

Best gas powered hot water pressure washer

Best gas-powered hot water pressure washer

Have you been removing stains from surfaces to no avail? This is happening because you have been using the wrong cleaning method to get rid of the stain. One of the most effective equipment used for removing tough stains from surfaces is a hot pressure washer. In this article, you will find more information on choosing the best hot water pressure washer.

If you plan to buy a water pressure washer, you probably need it for commercial purposes. However, you can still buy it for home purposes. Some people find it costly to buy a  water pressure washer that they will probably not use for cleaning many surfaces. Such people prefer to rent the equipment because renting is cheaper. Here is a hot water pressure washer rental guide that will help you on how to choose best hot water pressure washer. 

Gas-powered hot water pressure to choose

  • North Pro Shot  Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • Washer hot water gas powered 9HP.
  • Shark SGP Water Pressure Washer

How to choose best hot water pressure washer

Washer hose

The washer hose should be made from a highly heat-resistant material. This will ensure that it lasts longer because the different surfaces will require cleaning at different water temperatures. If the surface requires the water to be very hot, a washer hose with low heat resistance might not be able to withstand the temperature.


The usability of a gas-powered hotwater pressure washer plays an important role in determining how easy it will be for you to clean your surfaces. Imagine a situation where a client has asked you to clean many surfaces, and you have a pressure washer that is not easy to use. This means you will take a long time to clean the surface, and the client might not be content with your services and might not hire you again. Therefore, it is important to rent a hot water pressure washer that is easy to use. This will enhance your cleaning speed.

Maximum heat

If you have been cleaning surfaces for a while, you already know that some stains do not come off the surface easily. Increasing the temperature of the water being used could be one of the factors that enable the stain to come off easily. Hence, you need to ensure that the gas-powered hot water pressure washer can be adjusted to maximum heat to facilitate the stain-removal process. You do not want to leave stains while cleaning commercial areas since this might cost you your clients. 

PSI level

The pressure of your equipment determines how easy it will be to remove stains. For instance, oil and grease will not be removed by a pressure washer with low pressure. It is important to rent one that has high pressure since it will easily clean stubborn stains. You should be looking for pressure water of more than 3000 PSI. You should also ensure that the flow rate is more than 3.5GPM. If you get a gas-powered hot water pressure washer with these specifications, you can be assured that it will remove all stains. 

Purpose of the washer

If you are a home cleaner or buying a hot water pressure washer for personal use, you should consider one with a small unit because it will occupy less storage space. If you are buying a hot water pressure washer for commercial use, you need to buy one with a large compartment because it will make it easy for you to clean large surfaces. It will also be economical in terms of water usage as compared to the use of a small hotwater pressure washer to clean a large surface. 

Choosing the right cleaner is important, especially if you are choosing it for commercial services. If you clean surfaces well, the chances are high that your clients will hire you again. If you do not have the right cleaning equipment, you are likely to do a bad job, and this means you will lose clients. Therefore, retain your clients by using this guide on how to choose best hot water pressure washer.

The gas-powered hot water pressure washer is one of the best options for people seeking to clean grease and oil stains of different surfaces. If you have been using an old cleaner that leaves your surfaces full of stains, it is time to consider renting a hot water pressure washer because it will leave your surfaces sparkling clean.